The Legal Conservative Blog’s Launch

Welcome to the Web’s newest legal blog, The Legal Conservative!

This blog can be bookmarked by bookmarking The hope is to note developments in Florida and Federal law, with perhaps brief forays into other states such as Georgia, and in depth commentary on truly note-worthy opinions from any state.  The goal is for this blog to  provide an honest forum for analyzing legal opinions and topics from a legally conservative perspective, but well thought out contributions from any perspective that add to the debate will be welcome.  It will also be a great service if any readers bring to our attention cases that should be discussed about which they are aware.   Any suggestions for improvements are welcome, including helpful links that should be added.  Thanks for reading this initial post and don’t forget to read the “What is a Legal Conservative Page?”

Posted on August 3rd, 2009 by Woodring Law, filed under Uncategorized
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